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Wow! Truly words cannot describe how thankful I am today. I've been experiencing a serious & intensifying toothache for a few days and I decided to "drop by" to see if there was any way I could find relief somehow (I would never expect to be accommodated without an appointment but the pain was worsening and I just had to take the chance of maybe being seen). Melissa immediately put me at ease and asked me to fill out a couple of forms and told me that I would be taken care of! Dr. Rosa was extremely amazing! I am just about in tears realizing what she did for me and how skilled she is. I've always heard that a root canal could be horrific. Nope! Not in the hands of my dental surgeon, Dr. Rosa! So compassionate, so attentive, sooooo professional! Even Dr. Kana came by for a visit and gave me encouragement. Everyone treated me professionally and I totally sensed that they all "cared about me"! Not so common these days in modern society. I could go on and on, but I cannot wait to recommend Dental Depot to as many people that ask me about their office or if I might know "a good dentist"! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Bruce Ousley, Highland Village

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